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Starting Out
To Text or Not to Text

Even though technology has equipped us with the ability to instantly connect with frieds and family, proper and professional business communication ...
Tags:  Looking for work, e-mail

Voice mail etiquette

Whether you talk to someone face-to-face, by phone, use email or leave a message, be sure that you use proper etiquette every ...
Tags:  Looking for work

Interviewing with the hiring manager.

When you rise above the knot in your stomach and interview the hiring manager about why you should work for his company, ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work

Adapting to a New Type of Schedule

You’re not in college anymore. That means things, including your daily schedule, have changed. Here’s what you need to do to be ...
Tags:  Work & Life balance, Life after college

Choosing Between two job offers

You’ve interviewed with two great companies. And now they've both offered you a job. Which is the right one to choose?
Tags:  Job offer, Salary levels, Looking for work

That Your GPA Will Let You in the Door?

Sure it's great that you have a 3.8 GPA. However, what are the other little tricks up your sleeve that show you ...
Tags:  Career advice, College degree

Who Wants to Work in Office Management?

Office management provides you with the opportunity to oversee the administrative operations of a smaller business and try you hand at organizing ...
Tags:  Career advice, Looking for work

According to the recruiting experts, past experiences can predict future behavior. That’s why behavioral interviews are important in assessing a candidate’s fit ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Life after college

Job Search Etiquette IQ Test

Think you know the right and wrong approach to interviewing, resume preparation and other job search essentials? Check this out.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work

Converting Your CV to a Resume

Welcome to the U.S. and the world of the resume. If you are from another country, you most likely have another form ...
Tags:  Resumes, CV

The Five Most Important Interview Tips

When you think of a job interview, think of these five words: courtesy, timeliness, engagement, communication, impression. Then you’ll be on the ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work, Life after college

Eight Tips on How to Chat

Not naturally sociable? Tend to shy away from large crowds? Not always sure how to talk to someone new? If you find ...
Tags:  Conversational style

Eight Things You Should Know Before You Graduate

Ready to graduate from college and move to the next chapter in you life? You might be surprised about how unprepared you ...
Tags:  Career advice, Life after college

Release of confidential student records

The privacy of your educational records is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Know what that means for ...

Returning to school for a graduate degree

You’ve taken a break and you’re sure you’re ready to return to school. How do you fit graduate school into your established ...
Tags:  Career advice, Work & Life balance, Graduate degree, Life after college

Should you join an Alumni Association?

After you graduate, you’ll want to stay in touch with so many people you met during your college days. Your alumni association ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Life after college

Behavioral interview

According to the recruiting experts, past experiences can predict future behavior. That’s why behavioral interviews are important in assessing a candidate’s fit ...
Tags:  Interview Skills

Joelle Hinds-Ware

Joelle Hinds-Ware, Managing Partner at Verify-Ed, tells us what is really going to happen when you check "Accept" and sign off under ...
Tags:  Reference checks

Resume blunders

Check out some of the most outlandish resume blunders! - by Deborah S. Hildebrand
Tags:  Job interviews, Looking for work, Resumes

Candidate on a telephone pre-screening interview

Seven interviews to get one job? Who would have thought? However, employers have different ways of doing things. And that may mean ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Telephone screen interview

Gal with a great gig

Looking for a job that you’re passionate about? Check out these twelve ideas of where to look.
Tags:  First job, Looking for work, Networking

Candidate negotiating compensation

Before you jump up and down and shout, “Yes, yes, yes!” be sure the job offer you’ve just been given is really ...

You’ve been let go. Laid off or fired, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is how you handle the explanation when ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work

Conducting informational interview

Rather than waiting for a job to come to you, use your networking skills. Contact individuals that can offer you advice ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work, Networking, Informational interview

Candidate answering tough interview questions

Interviews are not meant to be an obstacle course laid out so that job seekers have to bob and weave their way ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Job interviews, Looking for work

Woman being interviewed by jerk

Nothing can kill an interview like a rude interviewer. That is, unless you stay one step ahead of the game.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Rude interviewer


You've just been hired by a company and are told you are on 90-days probation. What does that really mean to you?
Tags:  Job offer, Looking for work

Document and pen

If you've just started a new job, you probably signed an offer letter. Do you know what you have agreed to?
Tags:  Job security, Offer letter, Financial security


Are baby boomer and Xer parents raising a generation of weaklings who can't make a decision without first calling home to ask?
Tags:  Job offer, Career advice, Reputation

Men with bull horn

Listening is an art that most people think they have mastered, but which few really have. Here are some tips for improving ...
Tags:  Communication Skills

Woman smiling

There’s really no secret to being persuasive, it’s just a matter of understanding how to be credible in order to convince those ...
Tags:  Reputation

Magnifying glass

Think you can run away from an annoying boss or performance issue by transferring into another department? Think again. Organizations evaluate internal ...
Tags:  Reputation, Performance reviews, Internet profiles

Swimming coach

Thinking of hiring a career counselor (or coach)? Be sure you know what to look for before making a commitment.
Tags:  Career strategies, Coaching, Job counseling, Career success

Diploma and mortar board

If you are considering obtaining your MBA, here are six reasons why now is the time.
Tags:  Career strategies, MBA

Fork in the road

Deciding to work in non-profit can be a rewarding decision. Find out what you (and everyone else) need to know about choosing ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Looking for work


Ever wonder why all that money is being deducted from your paycheck? Here is a quick overview of what it all means.
Tags:  Salary levels

Graduate receiving diploma on stage

If you have been considering getting your college degree, but are still not convinced you should, here are five reasons that may ...
Tags:  Financial security, Career success, College degree

Compass for setting career goals

Career success can be defined in many different ways by many different people. However, the one thing that everyone can agree on ...
Tags:  Career success, Goal setting

Candidate in HR screening interview

Just because you've received a call to come in for a job interview with HR, don't think you are almost ready to ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Job interviews, Looking for work, Human Resources

Checking your own reference on the internet

For anyone who belongs to MySpace or Facebook or any other of the other social networking sites – ...
Tags:  Career advice, Reputation, Social Networking

Woman posting resume online

Everyone posts their resume on-line. But not everyone does it correctly. Here are the ten things to consider ...
Tags:  Changing jobs, Virtual resume, Internet profiles, Looking for work

Entering key words on a resume

Keywords are frequently used in advertising and marketing campaigns to drive business. Here's how to use this same ...
Tags:  Job postings, Virtual resume, Key words

College graduate ready to look for a job

Matching a college degree to a real world career isn't always that easy. The important thing is to ...
Tags:  First job, Looking for work, College degree

Employee with learning disability

If you have a learning disability and you're not sure if you should tell your boss, you need to ...
Tags:  Career advice, Disabilities, Discrimination

Deciding on a career coach

Thinking of hiring a career counselor (or coach)? Be sure you know what to look for before making ...
Tags:  Career advice, Career strategies, Coaching, Job counseling

No entry sign

Many students who work in college never consider how this experience fits with their education. Here is a ...
Tags:  Career advice, Starting a job, Employment, Looking for work

Restaurant window

Interviewing for a job while eating a meal incorporates the same basic elements of other job interviews plus ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Lunch interviews, Job interviews

Candidate interviewing for a job

Understanding the connection between an employee's personal values and those of the organization is an important part of ...
Tags:  Job offer, Looking for work


It is important to understand there is a difference between an individual's worth in the job market and ...
Tags:  Job offer, Compensation, Salary levels

Employee job stress

Didn't go to college? Wondering how you will find a career that you love and still make your ...
Tags:  Job strategy, Job counseling, Looking for work

Standing out in a crowd

Successful interviews are based on successful interviewing techniques. Learn how to PREPARE for a job interview in order ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Job interviews, Changing jobs, Looking for work

Woman being interviewed

Going through a series of interviews with one organization can take a lot of time and effort. However, ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Job interviews, Changing jobs, Looking for work

Job interview

Don't jump blindly into any old job or company without first asking questions and getting the kind of information that will help ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Compensation, Looking for work

Compensation report

Thinking of asking for a raise? Then read further to understand the process behind determining the value of ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Compensation, Salary levels

Reading job posting

If you're confused by what employers put in their help wanted ads, you're not alone. Read further to ...
Tags:  Job postings, Looking for work

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Finding the Right Mentor

Learn how to choose one of the most important relationships of your career.

Running time: 3:13

Tags:  Career success, Mentor
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