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Advance Preparation
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Voice mail etiquette
Views: 4689  |  Comments: 0  |  

Whether you talk to someone face-to-face, by phone, use email or leave a message, be sure that you use proper etiquette every ...
Tags:  Looking for work

Converting Your CV to a Resume
Views: 2764  |  Comments: 0  |  

Welcome to the U.S. and the world of the resume. If you are from another country, you most likely have another form ...
Tags:  Resumes, CV

Resume blunders
Views: 19214  |  Comments: 4  |  

Check out some of the most outlandish resume blunders! - by Deborah S. Hildebrand
Tags:  Job interviews, Looking for work, Resumes

Gal with a great gig
Views: 2357  |  Comments: 0  |  

Looking for a job that you’re passionate about? Check out these twelve ideas of where to look.
Tags:  First job, Looking for work, Networking

On an informational interview phone call
Views: 6093  |  Comments: 3  |  

Not all interviews are for a job. Well, they are for a job,but indirectly. Although the idea of making a ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work, Networking

Social Media Expert Chris Winfield, co-founder of 10e20.com
Views: 9712  |  Comments: 0  |  

Here's a conversation with Social Media expert Chris Winfield about the explosion of social networking on the Internet, and how it ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Social Networking

Conducting informational interview
Views: 5003  |  Comments: 1  |  

Rather than waiting for a job to come to you, use your networking skills. Contact individuals that can offer you advice ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work, Networking, Informational interview

Two men at desk
Views: 6291  |  Comments: 1  |  

Learn how to choose one of the most important relationships of your career.
Tags:  Career success, Mentor

Swimming coach
Views: 5621  |  Comments: 0  |  

Thinking of hiring a career counselor (or coach)? Be sure you know what to look for before making a commitment.
Tags:  Career strategies, Coaching, Job counseling, Career success

Diploma and mortar board
Views: 4982  |  Comments: 0  |  

If you are considering obtaining your MBA, here are six reasons why now is the time.
Tags:  Career strategies, MBA

Fork in the road
Views: 5652  |  Comments: 0  |  

Deciding to work in non-profit can be a rewarding decision. Find out what you (and everyone else) need to know about choosing ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Looking for work

Graduate receiving diploma on stage
Views: 4042  |  Comments: 0  |  

If you have been considering getting your college degree, but are still not convinced you should, here are five reasons that may ...
Tags:  Financial security, Career success, College degree

Compass for setting career goals
Views: 3705  |  Comments: 0  |  

Career success can be defined in many different ways by many different people. However, the one thing that everyone can agree on ...
Tags:  Career success, Goal setting

Checking your own reference on the internet
Views: 9496  |  Comments: 1  |  

For anyone who belongs to MySpace or Facebook or any other of the other social networking sites – ...
Tags:  Career advice, Reputation, Social Networking

Woman posting resume online
Views: 14680  |  Comments: 2  |  

Everyone posts their resume on-line. But not everyone does it correctly. Here are the ten things to consider ...
Tags:  Changing jobs, Virtual resume, Internet profiles, Looking for work

Entering key words on a resume
Views: 6563  |  Comments: 1  |  

Keywords are frequently used in advertising and marketing campaigns to drive business. Here's how to use this same ...
Tags:  Job postings, Virtual resume, Key words

College graduate ready to look for a job
Views: 4964  |  Comments: 0  |  

Matching a college degree to a real world career isn't always that easy. The important thing is to ...
Tags:  First job, Looking for work, College degree

Deciding on a career coach
Views: 5705  |  Comments: 1  |  

Thinking of hiring a career counselor (or coach)? Be sure you know what to look for before making ...
Tags:  Career advice, Career strategies, Coaching, Job counseling

No entry sign
Views: 6721  |  Comments: 1  |  

Many students who work in college never consider how this experience fits with their education. Here is a ...
Tags:  Career advice, Starting a job, Employment, Looking for work

Employee job stress
Views: 9339  |  Comments: 2  |  

Didn't go to college? Wondering how you will find a career that you love and still make your ...
Tags:  Job strategy, Job counseling, Looking for work

Reading job posting
Views: 6199  |  Comments: 2  |  

If you're confused by what employers put in their help wanted ads, you're not alone. Read further to ...
Tags:  Job postings, Looking for work

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