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Emergency Resources
http://www.fns.usda.gov     United States Food Stamp information
http://www.nfcc.org/     National Foundation for Credit Counseling
http://www.drug-rehab-referral.org/     National Drug Rehabilitation Referral Alliance
http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/     National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Government Offices
http://www.dol.gov/     United States Department of Labor
http://www.osha.gov/     United States Department of Occupational and Health Administration
http://www.eeoc.gov/     United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
http://www.sba.gov/ United States Small Business Administration

Employment Research
http://www.salary.com/     Salary.com has salary, benefits, and compensation comparison information
http://placesrated.expertchoice.com/     PlacesRated.com (Beta) for relocation advice
http://www.linkup.com/     Offers “Hidden Jobs” directly from employers’ own web sites
http://www.urbaninterns.com     Find part-time employment in NYC.  Soon to expand nationally.
http://verify-ed.com/     Stand out from the crowd by having your credentials verified.

Small Business Resources
http://www.accionusa.org/     Accion USA provides small business micro loans
http://www.aba.com/Solutions/BusinessBanking.htm     ABA Center for Commercial Lending & Business Banking

Legal Resources
http://www.findlaw.com     Legal education and information as well as lawyer referral services
http://www.nolo.com     Reliable self-help legal information for non-lawyers

Health Information
http://www.webmd.com     Health information written in an easily understood way

http://www.aarp.org/     American Association of Retired Persons
http://www.kareneklein.blogspot.com/     Fabulous resources for small business and retirement

http://www.savetheassistants.com     Great blog for “beleaguered office workers” everywhere.

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