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EmployaidU is the place to go for fast business information. Granted, there are thousands, no make that millions of articles and sources on the Internet. In fact, there are so many sources that it can get overwhelming. Where do you go to find just the facts when you need them – fast? We’ve built this resource for rapid access to corporate, industry, and business start-up essentials.

Ever see those City Guides with the Top Ten things you need to see or do if you don’t have much time? Think of EmployaidU Courses as your personal Guide to business content when you don’t have much time to Google and research your way to the answers you need. And, with our proprietary survey technology, you’ll immediately know how much you’ve learned from your EmployaidU experience. Browse the ever-growing EmployaidU Course Directory to find key information, whether you are looking for current industry info. or trying to get essential start-up and small business information.

Who should check out EmployaidU?

  • Anyone deciding on working in a new industry.
  • Anyone who is unfamiliar with an industry but really needs to ace a job interview.
  • Anyone writing a resume or cover letter and needs to drop in industry “buzz” to be credible.
  • Anyone working as a Temp or Intern in a new industry.
  • Consultants prospecting in new industries, or working on a client engagement in a new industry.
  • Consultants interested in growing their existing Speaking practice to gain new trade and professional association opportunities.
  • Coaches needing to learn a client’s industry in order to be more effective working with them.
  • Start-ups learning the ropes of what’s involved in early stage business success.
  • Small businesses embarking on new phases of growth.
  • Prospective entrepreneurs who are deciding on their initial or next venture.

How does it work?

  • There are two Main Tracks: Corporate and Industry, and Entrepreneur. You will also find a Career Track and an Express Track called Learn the Lingo
  • Each course contains a pre- and post- Quiz to provide you with instant feedback on your knowledge improvement in the course you just completed.
  • Once you’ve completed a Course, it is saved to your Briefcase. Come back to it as many times as you like to refresh your information.

How long does a course take to complete?

  • In-Depth courses offer more detailed information on your topic of choice, and average 60-90 minutes of your time.
  • Mini-Courses provide key information to get you up to speed in on average 45-60 minutes.
  • Express Track provides fast access to acronyms, buzz words you need to sound knowledgeable on average in 15-30 minutes (Individual learning times will vary. You might finish a Course sooner or later than these times.)

How do I start?

  • Courses are for registered Employaid Members. You can register here, right away.
  • EmployaidU Courses are competitively priced, and Employaid.com Premium Members receive a discount on each course they choose.
  • Let’s get started! Click here to go to the EmployaidU Course Directory

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