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Returning to work interview

Returning to work after a long absence is like learning to ride a skate. Watch this candidate win over the hiring ...
Tags:  Returning to work, Working mothers

Woman business owner

What do you want to find out about women-owned businesses? Who they are? Why they exist? Hereís just some of what you ...
Tags:  Women owned businesses, Women and work

Woman lacking confidence

Women can be their own worst enemy when it comes to advancing their career because they operate from a different ...
Tags:  Women at work, Women owned businesses, Self-esteem, Women co-workers, Women and office politics

Sales presentation

When you don't have a brand name on your business card, you'll need excellent presentation skills to close that big deal.
Tags:  Starting a business, Sales presentations, Women owned businesses

Team Leader dealing with boss who is undermining her authority

He probably doesnít intend to, but sometimes a boss can undermine your authority. Understanding how to handle the situation and your boss ...
Tags:  Management, Action Plan, Team Leader

Employee making recommendations to manager

Think you might have some ideas management would like to hear about? If you want to advance your career, itís time to ...
Tags:  Management, Women at work, Career success, Recommendations

Women negotiating

Negotiations donít have to involve pitting one person or team against another. With insight and compromise you can get what you want. ...
Tags:  Communication Skills, Job offer, Small business, Women co-workers, Women and office politics

Woman drinking mouthwash in restroom

Hearing about it is one thing. When substance abuse affects a co-worker, it's a whole other ball game.
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Substance abuse, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Women co-workers

Caption Test.

Although women publicly speak out against the glass ceiling, and say they want to get ahead, the truth ...
Tags:  Women co-workers, Women and office politics

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Accepting a New Job Responsibility

When you're given a new job responsibility, make sure you understand the whole picture before the meeting is over. Here you'll see a smart employee get the facts when she is given a new responsibility.

Running time: 3:08

Tags:  Management, Additional responsibility
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