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Woman business owner

What do you want to find out about women-owned businesses? Who they are? Why they exist? Here’s just some of what you ...
Tags:  Women owned businesses, Women and work

Woman lacking confidence

Women can be their own worst enemy when it comes to advancing their career because they operate from a different ...
Tags:  Women at work, Women owned businesses, Self-esteem, Women co-workers, Women and office politics

Caption Test.

Although women publicly speak out against the glass ceiling, and say they want to get ahead, the truth ...
Tags:  Women co-workers, Women and office politics

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Accepting a New Job Responsibility

When you're given a new job responsibility, make sure you understand the whole picture before the meeting is over. Here you'll see a smart employee get the facts when she is given a new responsibility.

Running time: 3:08

Tags:  Management, Additional responsibility
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