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How to handle forced change

There are few among us who do not know someone who is not dealing with the effects of the financial crisis. ...
Tags:  Career advice, Job loss

What to Do if You've Been Laid Off This Week

If you are one of the thousands affected by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the acquisition of Merrill Lynch, here is ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Looking for work, Laid off

Dealing with negativity

Feel like everything you do, every request you make, is met by a wall of negativity? Dealing with negative coworkers can be ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Negativity

It's not all about you!

You want to look good in your boss’s eyes. You like the spotlight and hope to advance your career. If you think ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Taking credit

The Exploding Boss

Dealing with an explosive boss can be a drag. Thats why its important to know how to handle the situation. ...

Bitingly sarcastic guy

It’s very easy to say the wrong thing to the wrong person if you are not paying attention to your audience. Be ...
Tags:  Career advice, Co-Workers, Jerks at work, Sarcasm

Passive aggressive hell

Know how some people dont say how they really feel? For whatever the reason, Instead they make snide comments and give ...
Tags:  Passive - Aggressive Behavior

The Uncollaborator

Working on a team is great! This is especially true when people support each other and have the opportunity to share ideas. ...
Tags:  Collaboration, Teams, Jerks at work

Employees gossiping

Gossip is harmful to you, coworkers and the work environment. Learn how to handle coworkers who gossip.
Tags:  Reputation, Co-Workers, Gossips

Manager and employee who was passed over for a promotion

Just because youve been passed over for a promotion doesnt mean it is the end of the world. Take matters into your ...
Tags:  Management, Promotions

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and teens

Whether youre a one- or two-parent household, if youre working full-time and have teenagers at home, you may worry about their welfare. ...
Tags:  Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Teens, Tobacco

Out of control temper

When your temper gets out of control, you need to know how to manage it. Here are five steps to help you ...
Tags:  Reputation, Office behavior, Temper

Employee with depression

Feeling depressed can be a simple passing phase or it can be an overwhelming, life dampening problem. Know what is going on ...
Tags:  Job stress, Depression

Racially diverse men

Understanding what the EEOC is and how it can benefit you is a very important part of business life.
Tags:  Job stress, Discrimination, EEOC

Man putting golf ball

Do you think about the comments you make in the presence of others? Do you make jokes that might offend friends or ...
Tags:  Co-Workers, Discrimination

Gender discrimination

Gender and sex discrimination and harassment at work is against the law. Understand these concepts and know your rights.
Tags:  Job stress, Getting along, Productivity, Discrimination

Difficult co-worker

Dealing with difficult co-workers is not on most peoples top-ten list of fun things to do at work; however, sometimes its just ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker

Bully threatening co-worker

Workplace bullying is abusive behavior that is not appropriate and needs to be dealt with by once and for all. ...
Tags:  Management, Difficult co-worker, Office bully

Sexual harassment at work

Not everyone truly gets what sexual harassment means and how pervasive it still is. Understand what it is and what your rights ...
Tags:  Sexual harassment, Discrimination

Black and white workers in battle

Feeling like your racial background has influenced some of the decisions being made in your company. It is against the law for ...
Tags:  Cultural differences, Discrimination

Two women at unpleasant meeting

Hostile co-workers are so not fun to deal with. Like maybe youd rather have a root canal. Its important to ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Hostile employees

Employees commiserating about company merger

How you deal with a merger at your company has a lot to do with being able to keep your job, vs. ...
Tags:  Job stress, Mergers

Dealing with undermining boss

He probably doesnt intend to, but sometimes a boss can undermine your authority. Understanding how to handle the situation and your boss ...
Tags:  Management, Action Plan, Team Leader

Guy being a jerk to co-worker

Some people just dont get it. In their all out efforts to grab the brass ring in their career, they alienate ...
Tags:  Reputation, Difficult co-worker, Jerks at work

Woman drinking mouthwash in restroom

Substance abuse in the workplace is a serious problem in the workplace. Learn how you can help a fellow employee who ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Substance abuse, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse

Woman being interviewed by jerk

Nothing can kill an interview like a rude interviewer. That is, unless you stay one step ahead of the game.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Rude interviewer

Workers in cafeteria

Facing a situation where co-workers are behaving in such a way that they dont even realize it is not ethical can place ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Ethics

Angry chef with knife

Workplace jealousy is not uncommon due to the competitive nature of the work environment. However, knowing how to balance the benefits of ...
Tags:  Communication Skills, Difficult co-worker, Job misery, Competition, Teams, Jealousy

Do you work with a vampire coworker who sucks the life blood from you? Get rid of needy coworkers once and for ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Needy Co-worker


"Going Postal" has become a euphemism for workplace violence because of a history of homicides by post office workers. But would you ...
Tags:  Reputation, Job stress


Are baby boomer and Xer parents raising a generation of weaklings who can't make a decision without first calling home to ask?
Tags:  Job offer, Career advice, Reputation

Office study marketplace declines for their industry

If you are working in an industry that has taken a hit lately, you may want to consider taking your skills and ...
Tags:  Job loss, Job stress, Looking for work

Employee after company merger

A merger or acquisition can have a major impact on employees placing them in a situation of work limbo, wondering if they ...
Tags:  Job stress, Mergers & Acquisitions

Career sabotager looking evil

Sometimes we say or do the wrong things and wind up damaging our reputation and our career. Learn how not to shoot ...
Tags:  Career advice, Difficult co-worker, Job stress

Elderly needing family care

If you are a care giver who is also a full-time employee, know you are not alone.
Tags:  Family care, Working mothers, Work & Life balance

Woman after making workplace blunder

We're all human and we all make mistakes. Don't let your workplace blunder sideline your career.
Tags:  Management, Error recovery, Reputation, Co-Workers

Woman becoming emotional at work

Becoming emotional at work and breaking into tears is not the answer unless the desired outcome is to ...
Tags:  Career advice, Women at work, crying at work

Woman being talked about

Office politics got you tied up in knots? Learn how to deal with them in a diplomatic way.
Tags:  Office behavior, Office politics, Job stress

Employee with a job after co-workers were laid   off

Sometimes its difficult to decide if it hurts more to be the one to leave or to be the one ...
Tags:  Job stress, Financial security, Laid off

Woman who can't stand her co-worker

Working with someone you dont care for can be difficult. However, sometimes its just part of the business ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Office behavior, Job stress

Employee shooting drugs in restroom

Making the decision to address a coworker's potential drug or alcohol problem is a big step. Understanding a ...
Tags:  Substance abuse, Drug Abuse

Husband and wife wearing boxing gloves

Talking to your spouse about your job and the people you work with can be healthy or not ...
Tags:  Marriage problem, Boss relationship, Relationship issues

Caption Test.

Although women publicly speak out against the glass ceiling, and say they want to get ahead, the truth ...
Tags:  Women co-workers, Women and office politics

Employee with learning disability

If you have a learning disability and you're not sure if you should tell your boss, you need to ...
Tags:  Career advice, Disabilities, Discrimination

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When It's Not About You...But You Try and Say it is

Taking credit for others' work might feel good, until you're up to your neck in deception...and the truth comes out.

Running time: 2:49

Tags:  Management, Teams, Team Leader
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