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The Career Placement Center
Compensation report

Thinking of asking for a raise? Then read further to understand the process behind determining the value of ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Compensation, Salary levels

Woman and man talking at conference

Watch how a savvy reporter nails an opportunity for further discussion about an exciting job.
Tags:  Communication Skills, Elevator speech, Career success

Small talk your way to success

Learning to feel comfortable when you meet new people takes time. Yet few other skills are as socially important. With a little ...
Tags:  Communication Skills, Networking

Best Graduate Degree Programs for 2010

Think you might want to go to grad school, but not sure which one fits with your career goals? If you're on ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Graduate degree, Life after college

Saddled with After-Graduation Debt

The last four years have been educational in so many ways: you’ve developed new friendships, learned about life on campus, studied long ...
Tags:  Financial security, Life after college

Candidate being interviewed by jerk

Watch what happens when this savvy candidate stays strong during an interview with a......well, this is a G-rated show. Let's just ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Job interviews, Rude interviewer

Interviewing with the Hiring Manager

Interviewing is a two-way street. When it comes time to speak with the hiring manager be sure you do your part by ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work

Salary expectations by undergraduate degree

Think that you’re going to come right out of college and earn top wages? You may be surprised about which fields pay ...
Tags:  College degree, Life after college

Interview rehearsals

Practicing what you'll say and how you'll answer stack the deck in favor of you being able to ace the real interview.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work

Candidate in HR screening interiew

Just because you've received a call to come in for a job interview with HR, don't think you are almost ready to ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Job interviews, Looking for work, Human Resources

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Tough Interview Questions

Interviews are not meant to be an obstacle course laid out so that job seekers have to bob and weave their way through to get a job offer. However, sometimes it can feel like you’re on the hot seat.

Running time: 2:56

Tags:  Interview Skills, Job interviews, Looking for work
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