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Starting Out
Interview rehearsals

Practicing what you'll say and how you'll answer stack the deck in favor of you being able to ace the real interview.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work

Interviewing with the Hiring Manager

Interviewing is a two-way street. When it comes time to speak with the hiring manager be sure you do your part by ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work

To Text or Not to Text

Even though technology has equipped us with the ability to instantly connect with frieds and family, proper and professional business communication ...
Tags:  Looking for work, e-mail

Small Talk Your Way to Success

Knowing what to say when you meet someone new can be stressful. Watch what happens when a job seeker creates a ...
Tags:  Communication Skills, Networking

Voice mail etiquette

Whether you talk to someone face-to-face, by phone, use email or leave a message, be sure that you use proper etiquette every ...
Tags:  Looking for work

Interviewing with the hiring manager.

When you rise above the knot in your stomach and interview the hiring manager about why you should work for his company, ...
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work

Adapting to a New Type of Schedule

You’re not in college anymore. That means things, including your daily schedule, have changed. Here’s what you need to do to be ...
Tags:  Work & Life balance, Life after college

Choosing Between two job offers

You’ve interviewed with two great companies. And now they've both offered you a job. Which is the right one to choose?
Tags:  Job offer, Salary levels, Looking for work

That Your GPA Will Let You in the Door?

Sure it's great that you have a 3.8 GPA. However, what are the other little tricks up your sleeve that show you ...
Tags:  Career advice, College degree

Who Wants to Work in Office Management?

Office management provides you with the opportunity to oversee the administrative operations of a smaller business and try you hand at organizing ...
Tags:  Career advice, Looking for work

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Finding the Right Mentor

Learn how to choose one of the most important relationships of your career.

Running time: 3:13

Tags:  Career success, Mentor
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