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On January 23, 2010, Employaid partners with Pace University in downtown White Plains, NY for an information packed Entrepreneurship Event. Ten ...
Tags:  Small business, Starting a business

How to handle forced change

There are few among us who do not know someone who is not dealing with the effects of the financial crisis. ...
Tags:  Career advice, Job loss

Saddled with After-Graduation Debt

The last four years have been educational in so many ways: you’ve developed new friendships, learned about life on campus, studied long ...
Tags:  Financial security, Life after college

Returning to work

It’s time to return to work after a long absence from the job market. Though it might be tough, it’s not impossible, ...
Tags:  Returning to work, Working mothers

How to kill a conversation

Being a top-notch negotiator at work doesn’t always translate into your home situation. That’s because different emotions are working. However, you can ...
Tags:  Negative behavior

Passive aggressive hell

Know how some people don’t say how they really feel? For whatever the reason, Instead they make snide comments and give ...
Tags:  Passive - Aggressive Behavior

Employees gossiping

Gossip is harmful to you, coworkers and the work environment. Learn how to handle coworkers who gossip.
Tags:  Reputation, Co-Workers, Gossips

Employee asking for a raise

Asking for a raise seems simple enough until you realize that just asking probably won’t get the job done. Be sure you ...
Tags:  Compensation, Management, Pay increase

Office party at the spa

Mixing business and pleasure can have a positive effect on you, your team, your customers and vendors – as long as you ...
Tags:  Management, Reputation, Co-Workers, Expenses, Socializing

Temp worker

Temporary jobs can be internal opportunities to work on short-term projects or your chance to explore a variety of jobs with several ...
Tags:  Starting a job, Career success, Working mothers, Temporary job

Shaking hands

Understanding how to build relationships that will build your business is easy. Applying what you know is what takes work.
Tags:  Reputation, Small business, Starting a business, Networking

Women with her first credit card

You’ve just gotten your first job. Now it’s time to establish your first line of credit.
Tags:  First job, Financial security, Line of credit

Complaining co-workers

Did you know they do surveys on employee’s biggest gripes? Here’s what they found out and some tips on how to handle ...
Tags:  Management, Reputation, Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Complaining

First time home buyers

Just like a first-time job seeker, first-time home buyers need to be clear about their expectations and what they want.
Tags:  Financial security, Home Buying

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and teens

Whether you’re a one- or two-parent household, if you’re working full-time and have teenagers at home, you may worry about their welfare. ...
Tags:  Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Teens, Tobacco

Out of control temper

When your temper gets out of control, you need to know how to manage it. Here are five steps to help you ...
Tags:  Reputation, Office behavior, Temper

Employee with depression

Feeling depressed can be a simple passing phase or it can be an overwhelming, life dampening problem. Know what is going on ...
Tags:  Job stress, Depression

Gender discrimination

Gender and sex discrimination and harassment at work is against the law. Understand these concepts and know your rights.
Tags:  Job stress, Getting along, Productivity, Discrimination

Text messaging

Not so long ago e-mail was king and articles about the proper etiquette when composing an e-mail were flourishing. Now it’s about ...
Tags:  Reputation, Working virtually, Text messages

Moms networking

Networking is not just about business anymore. If you’re a mother, working or not, there’s probably a network out there for you.
Tags:  Working mothers, Networking

Woman getting child off to school

Getting you and your kids out the door can be a battle most weekdays. Whether your children are pre-schoolers or older, here ...
Tags:  Children, Working mothers

Home loan

You’ve purchased a new home that you now realize you cannot afford, either because the adjustable interest rate rose or you lost ...
Tags:  Financial security, Home mortgage, Money worries

Woman losing her mind from too much work

When the workload gets so bad that you're going down for the count, it's time to kick into survival mode. Instead ...
Tags:  Management, Job stress, Too much work

Woman with baby getting ready to return to work

If you think it’s time to return to work after maternity leave, you’ll want to be sure you’re prepared. Here are some ...
Tags:  Women at work, Maternity leave

Day care provider and kids

: Finding that right someone to help you with child care is time-consuming, yet rewarding. Doing it the right way is important. ...
Tags:  Women at work, Working parents, Day care

Work at home mom

Working at home while raising your family is an American dream. Know what you need to do if you choose to try ...
Tags:  Working at home, Working mothers

Asking what can be done to improve service.

If you think of customer service, there's no better application of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would ...
Tags:  Communication Skills, Job success, Customer service

Greeting branch manager

Have you finally come to the end of your rope and decided it’s time to take the plunge into starting your own ...
Tags:  Starting a business, Financing, Small business resources

Latch key kid

Many working parents are at a crossroad about what to do with their children while they are at work. Having a plan ...
Tags:  Job stress, Working parents, Children

Employees commiserating about company merger

How you deal with a merger at your company has a lot to do with being able to keep your job, vs. ...
Tags:  Job stress, Mergers

Woman discussing a transfer with her boss.

You’ve been offered what sounds like a great opportunity with your company, except it’s in a city 3,000 miles away. Before you ...
Tags:  Transfer, Relocation

Guy being a jerk to co-worker

Some people just don’t get it. In their all out efforts to grab the brass ring in their career, they alienate ...
Tags:  Reputation, Difficult co-worker, Jerks at work

Think you might have some ideas management would like to hear about? If you want to advance your career, it’s time to step up and communicate.

you might have some ideas management would like to hear about? If you want to advance your career, it’s time to step ...
Tags:  Management, Career success, Recommendations

Workers in cafeteria

Facing a situation where co-workers are behaving in such a way that they don’t even realize it is not ethical can place ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Ethics

Businessman at meeting

Whether you have a good or a bad boss, they hold a special place in our work life. Knowing how to handle ...
Tags:  Career advice, Management, Job stress, Generations at work, Collaboration, Teams


You've just been hired by a company and are told you are on 90-days probation. What does that really mean to you?
Tags:  Job offer, Looking for work

Man showing hostility

If you feel your current work environment is filled with hostility, you need to read further to determine if it fits the ...
Tags:  Job misery, Health, Stress

Document and pen

If you've just started a new job, you probably signed an offer letter. Do you know what you have agreed to?
Tags:  Job security, Offer letter, Financial security


Are baby boomer and Xer parents raising a generation of weaklings who can't make a decision without first calling home to ask?
Tags:  Job offer, Career advice, Reputation


Problems are…well, problems. And most people don’t like them, try to avoid them, close their eyes and hope they will go away. ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker

Professional image

Creating a professional image in order to advance a career is a matter of working on both the audio and visual portion ...
Tags:  Reputation, Communication style, Professional appearance

Woman smiling

There’s really no secret to being persuasive, it’s just a matter of understanding how to be credible in order to convince those ...
Tags:  Reputation

Group of workers

More and more businesses are joining the ranks of the “service economy” requiring them and their employees to adapt to the changes ...
Tags:  Salary levels, Management

Magnifying glass

Think you can run away from an annoying boss or performance issue by transferring into another department? Think again. Organizations evaluate internal ...
Tags:  Reputation, Performance reviews, Internet profiles

Office study marketplace declines for their industry

If you are working in an industry that has taken a hit lately, you may want to consider taking your skills and ...
Tags:  Job loss, Job stress, Looking for work

Meeting at conference table

Did you ever wonder how any work ever gets done in your company? Does your day dissolve into a blur of ...
Tags:  Reputation, Job stress


Ever wonder why all that money is being deducted from your paycheck? Here is a quick overview of what it all means.
Tags:  Salary levels

Graduate receiving diploma on stage

If you have been considering getting your college degree, but are still not convinced you should, here are five reasons that may ...
Tags:  Financial security, Career success, College degree

Woman, in thought

Grappling with the decision of whether or not to accept a counter offer? Ask these four questions before making a decision.
Tags:  Compensation, Career strategies, Leaving a job, Counter offer

Team Leader communication to employees

Giving constructive criticism can be difficult. However, using these eight principles of how to communicate can make it more likely that the ...
Tags:  Communication Skills, Co-Workers, Team Leader, Communication style

Elevator speech

By learning to offer a compelling summary of you or your company in the time it takes to be on a short ...
Tags:  Reputation, Elevator speech, Career success, Branding

Outstanding guy with great reputation

Getting a reputation for something you have done and consciously building a reputation can be two different things. Be sure to take ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Reputation, Branding

Career sabotager looking evil

Sometimes we say or do the wrong things and wind up damaging our reputation and our career. Learn how not to shoot ...
Tags:  Career advice, Difficult co-worker, Job stress

Men standing in line to collect unemployment insurance

If you are unemployed and wondering if you should apply for unemployment benefits, here is some basic information you need to know
Tags:  Laid off, Fired, Benefits, Unemployment insurance

Employees at office party

The office holiday party is not the place to misbehave. You can have a good time while still maintaining your professionalism.
Tags:  Career advice, Reputation, Office behavior

Mentor and employee

Mentors are seasoned professionals who can provide the kind of support that budding professionals need to help guide their career. And finding ...
Tags:  Career advice, Management, Career strategies, Job counseling, Mentor


Dealing with conflict between others means being a mediator in order to help them through their issues. Here are four steps that ...
Tags:  Reputation, Mediation, Conflict resolution, Co-Workers

Elderly needing family care

If you are a care giver who is also a full-time employee, know you are not alone.
Tags:  Family care, Working mothers, Work & Life balance

Woman after making workplace blunder

We're all human and we all make mistakes. Don't let your workplace blunder sideline your career.
Tags:  Management, Error recovery, Reputation, Co-Workers

Bored employee, stuck in a job

For anyone who has felt stifled by the day-in and day-out routine of their work, here are some ...
Tags:  Job satisfaction, Dead end job

Employee with a job after co-workers were laid   off

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide if it hurts more to be the one to leave or to be the one ...
Tags:  Job stress, Financial security, Laid off

Woman who can't stand her co-worker

Working with someone you don’t care for can be difficult. However, sometimes it’s just part of the business ...
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Office behavior, Job stress

Husband and wife wearing boxing gloves

Talking to your spouse about your job and the people you work with can be healthy or not ...
Tags:  Marriage problem, Boss relationship, Relationship issues

Checking your own reference on the internet

For anyone who belongs to MySpace or Facebook or any other of the other social networking sites – ...
Tags:  Career advice, Reputation, Social Networking

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Dealing With Passive - Aggressive Relationships

Know how some people don’t say how they really feel? Watch what happens when a twisted party of the first part unloads on an unsuspecting party of the second part.

Running time: 3:00

Tags:  Passive - Aggressive Behavior
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