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Do your employees think they'll need an exorcism every time they are called to meet with you? Watch how this boss saves herself from hell in this video.
Tags:  Management, Job stress, Team Leader

Dealing with negativity
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Feel like everything you do, every request you make, is met by a wall of negativity? Dealing with negative coworkers can be tough, but it can be done.
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Negativity

The boss from hell
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For anyone who has ever worked for a boss who is mean and insensitive, they know what it’s like to have a boss from hell. If you think you might be that boss, here are some suggestions on what to do.
Tags:  Management, Job stress, Team Leader

The Exploding Boss
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If you're watching this and your monitor isn't on fire, you're lucky.
Tags:  Management, Job stress

The Uncollaborator
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When you need someone to mess up your team, who you gonna' call? The Uncollaborator, that's who.
Tags:  Job stress, Collaboration, Teams

Employee being bullied
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When you are being verbally and emotionally abused at work, it is serious business. You don't have to keep it secret, and you don't have to accept it. Read on to learn what constitues bullying, and what you can do about it.
Tags:  Office bully, Job stress

Management, Difficult co-worker, Job misery, Job stress, Health
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Job stress could be damaging your health. Find out how, and learn the steps you can take to stay below the boiling point. -- by Keith Johnson
Tags:  Management, Difficult co-worker, Job misery, Job stress, Health

Complaining co-workers
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Did you know they do surveys on employee’s biggest gripes? Here’s what they found out and some tips on how to handle your griping coworkers.
Tags:  Management, Reputation, Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Complaining

Employee with depression
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Feeling depressed can be a simple passing phase or it can be an overwhelming, life dampening problem. Know what is going on and how it can impact your personal and work life.
Tags:  Job stress, Depression

Racially diverse men
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Understanding what the EEOC is and how it can benefit you is a very important part of business life.
Tags:  Job stress, Discrimination, EEOC

Gender discrimination
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Gender and sex discrimination and harassment at work is against the law. Understand these concepts and know your rights.
Tags:  Job stress, Getting along, Productivity, Discrimination

Woman losing it from too much work
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The woman in this video is about to hit the mat from overwork and stress. Watch what happens when she brings the situation to her boss.
Tags:  Management, Job stress, Too much work

Woman losing her mind from too much work
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When the workload gets so bad that you're going down for the count, it's time to kick into survival mode. Instead of caving in, take your case to your manager, and turn the tide.
Tags:  Management, Job stress, Too much work

Dealing with unfair criticism
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At some point, you've probably had to deal with people who criticize you for one reason or another. But what happens when you're on the receiving end of some criticism that you don't deserve...or want?
Tags:  Communication Skills, Management, Job stress, Co-Workers, Unfair criticism

Employee dealing with unfair criticism
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At some point, you've probably had to deal with people who criticize you for one reason or another. But what happens when you're on the receiving end of some criticism that you don't deserve...or want?
Tags:  Communication Skills, Management, Job stress, Co-Workers, Constructive criticism

Latch key kid
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Many working parents are at a crossroad about what to do with their children while they are at work. Having a plan can help if you decide to leave your child at home to care for himself.
Tags:  Job stress, Working parents, Children

Two employees commiserating about the company merger.
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It's OK to be freaked. But don't dwell on it. Check out these tips for hanging on when your company is part of a merger.
Tags:  Job stress, Mergers

Two women at unpleasant meeting
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Hostile co-workers are so not fun to deal with. Like maybe you’d rather have a root canal. It’s important to understand how to make the situation as manageable as possible.
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Hostile employees

Employees commiserating about company merger
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How you deal with a merger at your company has a lot to do with being able to keep your job, vs. being in the parking lot carrying a box of stuff from your (former) desk.
Tags:  Job stress, Mergers

People Talking
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The faint of heart walk away. The weak are eaten alive. Only the strong survive. Take a look.....
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Hostile employees

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Do you work with a vampire coworker who sucks the life blood from you? Get rid of needy coworkers once and for all.
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Needy Co-worker

Businessman at meeting
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Whether you have a good or a bad boss, they hold a special place in our work life. Knowing how to handle this relationship is important
Tags:  Career advice, Management, Job stress, Generations at work, Collaboration, Teams

Businessman talking to boss
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If you would like to be able to challenge your boss’s ideas without the risk of losing your job, consider these five steps.
Tags:  Communication Skills, Management, Job stress

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"Going Postal" has become a euphemism for workplace violence because of a history of homicides by post office workers. But would you know what to do in a similar situation?
Tags:  Reputation, Job stress

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If you’re a frequent business traveler looking for a good reason to get on that plane just one more time, here is a look at the plus side of business travel.
Tags:  Job stress

Woman procrastinating
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Are you stymied by procrastination? Unable to start that project that you know needs to get done? Here are five things to consider when avoiding avoidance.
Tags:  Job stress, Productivity, Procrastination

Office study marketplace declines for their industry
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If you are working in an industry that has taken a hit lately, you may want to consider taking your skills and moving to one that is on the incline instead of a decline.
Tags:  Job loss, Job stress, Looking for work

Meeting at conference table
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Did you ever wonder how any work ever gets done in your company? Does your day dissolve into a blur of meetings that totally wreck what you intended to accomplish? Is this your life? Keep reading.
Tags:  Reputation, Job stress

Employee after company merger
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A merger or acquisition can have a major impact on employees placing them in a situation of work limbo, wondering if they will have a job next week or not. Instead of wondering where you’ll wind up, take a proactive approach to the situation.
Tags:  Job stress, Mergers & Acquisitions

Career sabotager looking evil
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Sometimes we say or do the wrong things and wind up damaging our reputation and our career. Learn how not to shoot yourself in the foot.
Tags:  Career advice, Difficult co-worker, Job stress

Woman being talked about
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Office politics got you tied up in knots? Learn how to deal with them in a diplomatic way.
Tags:  Office behavior, Office politics, Job stress

Employee with a job after co-workers were laid   off
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Sometimes it’s difficult to decide if it hurts more to be the one to leave or to be the one left behind. For anyone who has gone through a company lay off understands the difficulty of dealing with the aftermath.
Tags:  Job stress, Financial security, Laid off

Woman who can't stand her co-worker
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Working with someone you don’t care for can be difficult. However, sometimes it’s just part of the business landscape.
Tags:  Difficult co-worker, Office behavior, Job stress

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