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Employees Gossiping
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Watch how this employee handles a hornet's nest of gossips in the break room.
Tags:  Reputation, Co-Workers, Gossips

Employees gossiping
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Gossip is harmful to you, coworkers and the work environment. Learn how to handle coworkers who gossip.
Tags:  Reputation, Co-Workers, Gossips

Office party at the spa
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Mixing business and pleasure can have a positive effect on you, your team, your customers and vendors – as long as you know where to draw the line.
Tags:  Management, Reputation, Co-Workers, Expenses, Socializing

Shaking hands
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Understanding how to build relationships that will build your business is easy. Applying what you know is what takes work.
Tags:  Reputation, Small business, Starting a business, Networking

Complaining co-workers
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Did you know they do surveys on employee’s biggest gripes? Here’s what they found out and some tips on how to handle your griping coworkers.
Tags:  Management, Reputation, Difficult co-worker, Job stress, Complaining

Out of control temper
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When your temper gets out of control, you need to know how to manage it. Here are five steps to help you do just that.
Tags:  Reputation, Office behavior, Temper

Text messaging
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Not so long ago e-mail was king and articles about the proper etiquette when composing an e-mail were flourishing. Now it’s about texting. Knowing how, when and where to use texting rather than another form of communication is important to ensuring that the message is understood.
Tags:  Reputation, Working virtually, Text messages

Guy being a jerk to co-worker
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Here are the good and bad sides of Kirk, the co-worker. Watch him start out like, well...a jerk. Then watch him save the day in each situation by not being the jerk.
Tags:  Reputation, Difficult co-worker, Jerks at work

Guy being a jerk to co-worker
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Some people just don’t get it. In their all out efforts to grab the brass ring in their career, they alienate their co-workers. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Tags:  Reputation, Difficult co-worker, Jerks at work

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"Going Postal" has become a euphemism for workplace violence because of a history of homicides by post office workers. But would you know what to do in a similar situation?
Tags:  Reputation, Job stress

Men with attitude
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Understanding the difference between assertiveness and aggression is important to developing good work relationships so you can advance your career.
Tags:  Career advice, Reputation, Difficult co-worker

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Are baby boomer and Xer parents raising a generation of weaklings who can't make a decision without first calling home to ask?
Tags:  Job offer, Career advice, Reputation

Professional image
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Creating a professional image in order to advance a career is a matter of working on both the audio and visual portion of your presentation. Here’s how to look and sound the part of a savvy business professional.
Tags:  Reputation, Communication style, Professional appearance

Woman smiling
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There’s really no secret to being persuasive, it’s just a matter of understanding how to be credible in order to convince those around you of the merit of your ideas.
Tags:  Reputation

Magnifying glass
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Think you can run away from an annoying boss or performance issue by transferring into another department? Think again. Organizations evaluate internal candidates for promotions and transfers based on their work history with the company.
Tags:  Reputation, Performance reviews, Internet profiles

Meeting at conference table
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Did you ever wonder how any work ever gets done in your company? Does your day dissolve into a blur of meetings that totally wreck what you intended to accomplish? Is this your life? Keep reading.
Tags:  Reputation, Job stress

Elevator speech
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By learning to offer a compelling summary of you or your company in the time it takes to be on a short elevator ride, you just might hit the jackpot.
Tags:  Reputation, Elevator speech, Career success, Branding

Outstanding guy with great reputation
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Getting a reputation for something you have done and consciously building a reputation can be two different things. Be sure to take control and build the reputation you want.
Tags:  Career strategies, Reputation, Branding

Employees at office party
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The office holiday party is not the place to misbehave. You can have a good time while still maintaining your professionalism.
Tags:  Career advice, Reputation, Office behavior

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Dealing with conflict between others means being a mediator in order to help them through their issues. Here are four steps that can help you be successful.
Tags:  Reputation, Mediation, Conflict resolution, Co-Workers

Woman after making workplace blunder
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We're all human and we all make mistakes. Don't let your workplace blunder sideline your career.
Tags:  Management, Error recovery, Reputation, Co-Workers

Checking your own reference on the internet
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For anyone who belongs to MySpace or Facebook or any other of the other social networking sites – beware. A future employer may know more about you than you had hoped they would.
Tags:  Career advice, Reputation, Social Networking

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