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Best Graduate Degree Programs for 2010
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Think you might want to go to grad school, but not sure which one fits with your career goals? If you're on the fence about where to apply, here are the latest rankings from U.S. News & World Report.
Tags:  Career strategies, Graduate degree, Life after college

What to Do if You've Been Laid Off This Week
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If you are one of the thousands affected by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the acquisition of Merrill Lynch, here is helpful advice on what to do right now.
Tags:  Career strategies, Looking for work, Laid off

First 12 months of work
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When you’ve finally graduated and have been working for a year in your first full-time gig, will you be proud of all you’ve accomplished or will you worry that you’ve just wasted your time?
Tags:  Career strategies, Life after college

Should you join an Alumni Association?
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After you graduate, you’ll want to stay in touch with so many people you met during your college days. Your alumni association can help you with that along with a lot of other things, too.
Tags:  Career strategies, Life after college

Marketing your college achievements
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Sure it’s great that you have a 3.8 GPA. However, what are the other little tricks up your sleeve that show you have the background and skills that employers are looking for?
Tags:  Career strategies, Graduate degree, Life after college

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I've recently returned to work after taking 5 years off to raise my son. The women in my department have been distant, and do not include me in the regular beat of what's going on. I've overheard a conversation about me - that I was a stay at home Mom, and they've been working for years to advance, and now I come in and think I can get a job that was supposed to go to one of the women in the group. I am at a loss - do I address the issue, or just try to be social and defrost the situation?
Tags:  Career strategies, Office behavior, Women at work, Returning to work

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I've been working at my firm for a little over a year now. I am currently an administrative assistant, but have interest in moving into a business line seat within the next year. My reviews have been very good, so I know they value my work and skill set. How do I go about managing an internal move? How do I broach the topic with my boss without appearing as if I'm totally unsatisfied in my current role?
Tags:  Career advice, Career strategies

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I have a mid level clerical job at a bank, which is stable but offers not too much in the way of advancement. I have a B.A. in history and I was thinking of returning to school to get an MBA. Is it reasonable to ask the bank whether they would pay for me to pursue such a degree or would I be rocking the boat too much by asking/
Tags:  Management, Career strategies, Graduate degree

Escape from Corporate America
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Is your idea of a good time plotting your escape from your corporate job? Have you checked out although your cube is still occupied? Here is a resourceful book designed to make your fantasy become a reality
Tags:  Career advice, Career strategies, Small business, Leaving a job, Career success

Contemplating a career change?
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If you want a new career, go for it. And here are twelve steps to help make your career change a little easier.
Tags:  Career advice, Career strategies, Leaving a job, Looking for work

Multi-phase job interview
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Listen to a talk with Rosemary Russell, Human Resources expert, on what goes on behind the scenes when employers schedule a candidate in for multiple interviews.  Hear the real story, plus get valuable tips on what you can do to become the candidate of choice after your next interview.

Tags:  Interview Skills, Career strategies, Looking for work

Social Media Expert Chris Winfield, co-founder of 10e20.com
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Here's a conversation with Social Media expert Chris Winfield about the explosion of social networking on the Internet, and how it has impacted the workplace.  Learn some invaluable tips from Chris on how to use specific techniques to make yourself be noticed by prospective employers.

Tags:  Career strategies, Social Networking

Businessmen with globe
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To understand today’s businesses, employees need to understand today’s world. That is why staying on top of current events is important to people who want to advance their career.
Tags:  Career strategies

Swimming coach
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Thinking of hiring a career counselor (or coach)? Be sure you know what to look for before making a commitment.
Tags:  Career strategies, Coaching, Job counseling, Career success

Diploma and mortar board
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If you are considering obtaining your MBA, here are six reasons why now is the time.
Tags:  Career strategies, MBA

Fork in the road
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Deciding to work in non-profit can be a rewarding decision. Find out what you (and everyone else) need to know about choosing a career path in the not-for-profit sector.
Tags:  Career strategies, Looking for work

Woman, in thought
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Grappling with the decision of whether or not to accept a counter offer? Ask these four questions before making a decision.
Tags:  Compensation, Career strategies, Leaving a job, Counter offer

Outstanding guy with great reputation
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Getting a reputation for something you have done and consciously building a reputation can be two different things. Be sure to take control and build the reputation you want.
Tags:  Career strategies, Reputation, Branding

Mentor and employee
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Mentors are seasoned professionals who can provide the kind of support that budding professionals need to help guide their career. And finding the right person is a matter of planning.
Tags:  Career advice, Management, Career strategies, Job counseling, Mentor

Workers on a break
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Self promotion is about being visible. Here are twenty ways to build a successful career by actively and visibly -- promoting yourself.
Tags:  Career strategies, Branding

Deciding on a career coach
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Thinking of hiring a career counselor (or coach)? Be sure you know what to look for before making a commitment.
Tags:  Career advice, Career strategies, Coaching, Job counseling

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