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Breaking the family legacy
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Regardless of the profession, many times growing up we are influenced by those around us – parents, siblings, aunts, uncles -- and the professions they pursue. But what if you don’t want to follow in the family footsteps? Can you break the chain?
Tags:  Career advice, Life after college

Adapting to a New Type of Schedule
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You’re not in college anymore. That means things, including your daily schedule, have changed. Here’s what you need to do to be physically and mentally prepared for transitioning into a full-time job.
Tags:  Work & Life balance, Life after college

You May Have the Education, But Can You Do the Job?
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Graduating with a four-year degree is admirable; it was probably a tough four (or more) years. Don't expect them to roll the red carpet out for you if you can't show that you can do the job
Tags:  College degree, Life after college

Best Graduate Degree Programs for 2010
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Think you might want to go to grad school, but not sure which one fits with your career goals? If you're on the fence about where to apply, here are the latest rankings from U.S. News & World Report.
Tags:  Career strategies, Graduate degree, Life after college

Love My Major, Hate My Career Options
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You’ve selected a college major because you’re interested in the topic, but as graduation draws near you realize that your career options aren’t as equally exciting. What do you do?
Tags:  College degree, College major, Life after college

Changing Family Roles Now that You’re an Adult
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No longer the college kid, now you’re a full-fledged adult. You may find this has an impact on your relationships with family members, especially your parents.
Tags:  Life after college

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According to the recruiting experts, past experiences can predict future behavior. That’s why behavioral interviews are important in assessing a candidate’s fit for a job and company.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Life after college

Putting Your Degree to Work in the Peace Corps
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Congratulations! Graduation is almost here and the choices before you are compelling. Why not put your time, talents and education to work by volunteering in the Peace Corps?
Tags:  Peace Corps, Life after college

The Five Most Important Interview Tips
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When you think of a job interview, think of these five words: courtesy, timeliness, engagement, communication, impression. Then you’ll be on the right track to getting the job.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work, Life after college

How You Can Have What it Takes to Be a Top Performer
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You’re in college or just graduated and you want to know what you need to do to be a star performer at your first job. Here are five strategies to make sure you become a TIGER.
Tags:  Career advice, Life after college

Finding a Job for Your Social Science Degree
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Many social science degrees offer you a great career foundation; however, others might seem a little more difficult to match. Here are some recommendations.
Tags:  Looking for work, College major, Life after college

Finding a Job for Your Natural Science Degree
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You love the sciences so you decided it was the perfect choice for a major. But what can you do with it if you don’t want to get your PhD?
Tags:  Looking for work, College major, Life after college

Eight Things You Should Know Before You Graduate
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Ready to graduate from college and move to the next chapter in you life? You might be surprised about how unprepared you really are.
Tags:  Career advice, Life after college

Using Campus Resources to Further Your Career
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Depending on which college or university you attend, there is probably a wealth of resources available to you on campus to help you jumpstart your career.
Tags:  Career advice, Looking for work, Life after college

Saddled with After-Graduation Debt
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The last four years have been educational in so many ways: you’ve developed new friendships, learned about life on campus, studied long and hard, and racked up a sizeable amount of debt that will take to retirement to dig out from under. What should you do?
Tags:  Financial security, Life after college

Learning Your Way Around a New City
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You’ve graduated from college and have accepted a great job with a great company in a new city. Now you need to get acclimated to your new environment.
Tags:  Relocation, Life after college

Waiting for a job offer
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If you’re finding it difficult to get a job after graduation, here are six techniques for opening that closed door to the job that you want.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Looking for work, Life after college

Getting a job with your exercise physiology degree
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You decided on a degree related to bioscience, exercise and nutrition and now you’re having a difficult time choosing the right career. Read further for some suggestions.
Tags:  Career advice, Looking for work, College major, Life after college

A sustainable career
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Want a career that not only pays your rent, but also helps the environment? Then you might want to get further “green” education and seek out a career in sustainability.
Tags:  Career advice, College major, Life after college

First 12 months of work
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When you’ve finally graduated and have been working for a year in your first full-time gig, will you be proud of all you’ve accomplished or will you worry that you’ve just wasted your time?
Tags:  Career strategies, Life after college

Returning to school for a graduate degree
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You’ve taken a break and you’re sure you’re ready to return to school. How do you fit graduate school into your established daily routine without upsetting the apple cart?
Tags:  Career advice, Work & Life balance, Graduate degree, Life after college

How to spend the summer after college.
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So many options, so little time. If you’re trying to decide how to spend your summer AFTER college graduation, here are some ideas.
Tags:  Looking for work, Life after college

Should you join an Alumni Association?
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After you graduate, you’ll want to stay in touch with so many people you met during your college days. Your alumni association can help you with that along with a lot of other things, too.
Tags:  Career strategies, Life after college

Establishing a business network after college
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You’ve done well on campus connecting with classmates and building a solid network of life-long friends. Now it’s time to beef up your contacts as well as to transition the ones you have to the next phase of your life.
Tags:  Networking, Life after college

Marketing your college achievements
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Sure it’s great that you have a 3.8 GPA. However, what are the other little tricks up your sleeve that show you have the background and skills that employers are looking for?
Tags:  Career strategies, Graduate degree, Life after college

Saying Thank You
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Yeah, you've heard it all before from your parents. Regardless, being courteous is not an old folks' custom; it's a pre-requisite to your life beyond college.
Tags:  Career advice, Life after college

Group interviews
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Feel like your deodorant gave way? Group interviews are frequently used for entry level jobs... causing many novice job seekers a lot of stress. Here’s how to master them.
Tags:  Interview Skills, Life after college

Taking a break before grad school?
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If you have been entertaining the idea of obtaining your masters degree, the most difficult choice is probably deciding when. Here are some things to consider.
Tags:  Career advice, Graduate degree, Life after college

How much do you need to follow your dreams?
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You’re preparing for graduation and looking at what your future holds. Do your dreams include a home? A family? Your own business? How much will you need to earn to follow your dreams?
Tags:  Life after college

Salary expectations by undergraduate degree
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Think that you’re going to come right out of college and earn top wages? You may be surprised about which fields pay better than others in today’s economy.
Tags:  College degree, Life after college

Health insurance when you're on your own
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If you’re in between jobs or no longer a full-time student or otherwise not eligible to be on your parent’s medical plan, you need to think about carrying your own medical insurance. Here’s what you need to know.
Tags:  Medical Insurance, Life after college

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