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Life After College
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Adapting to a New Type of Schedule
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You’re not in college anymore. That means things, including your daily schedule, have changed. Here’s what you need to do to be ...
Tags:  Work & Life balance, Life after college

Putting Your Degree to Work in the Peace Corps
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Congratulations! Graduation is almost here and the choices before you are compelling. Why not put your time, talents and education to work ...
Tags:  Peace Corps, Life after college

Eight Tips on How to Chat
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Not naturally sociable? Tend to shy away from large crowds? Not always sure how to talk to someone new? If you find ...
Tags:  Conversational style

Developing a Student Budget
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It may be easier to spend with wild abandon and max out every credit card that comes your way, but having a ...
Tags:  Financial security, Budgets

Ten Steps for Setting Goals Your First Year on the Job
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Now that you’re officially a full-time working adult you need to determine what your personal and professional goals will be for your ...
Tags:  Goal setting

Eight Things You Should Know Before You Graduate
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Ready to graduate from college and move to the next chapter in you life? You might be surprised about how unprepared you ...
Tags:  Career advice, Life after college

Transitioning Your School Budget to a Work Budget
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You’ve had four years in college to learn how to budget, so how hard can it be to do the same thing ...
Tags:  Financial security, Budgets

Saddled with After-Graduation Debt
Views: 7616  |  Comments: 1  |  

The last four years have been educational in so many ways: you’ve developed new friendships, learned about life on campus, studied long ...
Tags:  Financial security, Life after college

Learning Your Way Around a New City
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You’ve graduated from college and have accepted a great job with a great company in a new city. Now you need to ...
Tags:  Relocation, Life after college

First 12 months of work
Views: 2283  |  Comments: 0  |  

When you’ve finally graduated and have been working for a year in your first full-time gig, will you be proud of all ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Life after college

Returning to school for a graduate degree
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You’ve taken a break and you’re sure you’re ready to return to school. How do you fit graduate school into your established ...
Tags:  Career advice, Work & Life balance, Graduate degree, Life after college

Should you join an Alumni Association?
Views: 3936  |  Comments: 0  |  

After you graduate, you’ll want to stay in touch with so many people you met during your college days. Your alumni association ...
Tags:  Career strategies, Life after college

Establishing a business network after college
Views: 1364  |  Comments: 0  |  

You’ve done well on campus connecting with classmates and building a solid network of life-long friends. Now it’s time to beef up ...
Tags:  Networking, Life after college

Saying Thank You
Views: 1760  |  Comments: 0  |  

Yeah, you've heard it all before from your parents. Regardless, being courteous is not an old folks' custom; it's a pre-requisite to ...
Tags:  Career advice, Life after college

Taking a break before grad school?
Views: 1622  |  Comments: 0  |  

If you have been entertaining the idea of obtaining your masters degree, the most difficult choice is probably deciding when. Here are ...
Tags:  Career advice, Graduate degree, Life after college

Health insurance when you're on your own
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If you’re in between jobs or no longer a full-time student or otherwise not eligible to be on your parent’s medical plan, ...
Tags:  Medical Insurance, Life after college

Workplace of the future circuit board
Views: 3244  |  Comments: 0  |  

Ever wonder about the future of corporate America? -- by Deborah S. Hildebrand
Tags:  Technology, Diversity, Future

Generations of Office Workers
Views: 5155  |  Comments: 1  |  

It’s easy to point out differences. Instead, understand how different generations share the same vision and hope for the future.
Tags:  Millenials, Baby Boomers, Generations at work, Gen Y, Getting along

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