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March 4, 2008

Employees Now Have a Lifeline at Work with the Launch of EmployAid

Barbara Poole, founder and president of EmployAid is proud to announce the launch of a one-of-a kind social media website delivering a plethora of tools and information giving any employed individual the power to change their working life.

Ridgefield Connecticut (PRWeb) – An uncertain economy, increasing corporate layoffs, complicated workplace issues and high levels of job stress created the need for an online resource to help employees deal with the challenges of life at work Barbara Poole answered that call with the development of a unique and groundbreaking website – EmployAid.com Launching today, EmployAid is an online community for individual employees to find the resources they need for career success. The website contains a wealth of information regarding every aspect of working life. With tools such as videos, forums, blogs, articles and whitepapers, people can take control and gain the power to win at work.

“I’ve been in business for over 20 years helping major corporations to improve company and individual performance. Yet, with all the training I helped incorporate, I noted that there was nothing to help the individual tackle the everyday issues that occur in the workplace,” explains Barbara Poole, founder and president of EmployAid. “I discovered that incidents were happening throughout organizations that senior management may have been aware of, but did not readily acknowledge. Yet, it is all of these factors that are swept under the rug, like difficult coworkers and hostile work environments that contribute to rising turnover, decreasing productivity and more stress in the workplace than ever before. I’ve realized that it is how a person navigates the rough waters of work that really matters. It is the people who are good at communicating and can handle tough situations with really fast reflexes that will be happy and succeed in their chosen career.”

Ms. Poole recognized that nothing existed online to help employees deal with these everyday work situations in such a one stop manner. Visitors to the new website will be astounded by the many tools, strategies and tips provided. After becoming a member, anyone in the working world can have access to this comprehensive resource to improve individual and company performance.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what position you are in, everyone has the power to change their own working life,” Poole exclaims. “I believe that by creating your own brand and using job skills and strategies to handle whatever the office or life throws at you, that remarkably positive things can happen as a result.” Barbara Poole believed in the concept so deeply that she created the company around that idea.

Any individual interested in learning more about how EmployAid can give them the tools, strategies and skills to navigate the rough waters of the workplace is encouraged to visit the website. Sign up today at www.employaid.com and join this unique and growing community of members who are changing the face of today’s workforce.

About EmployAid

EmployAid is an online community for corporate employees to find the resources they need for career success. The economy, increasing corporate layoffs, workplace issues, and what seems to be more job stress than ever before, created the need for EmployAid. EmployAid is a Lifeline at Work. Here members will find tools, strategies and skills to navigate the rough waters of their workplaces. Or, simply to get ahead in their life, work, and career.

Because everyone is an individual, EmployAid was designed with the individual in mind. Members can find the aid they are looking for across a wide variety of media - so they get what they want, how they want it, when they need it. EmployAid is a unique and growing community of Members who are changing the face of today’s workplace.

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