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Setting Up a Home Work Station

Tags:  Working at home, Work station, Computer specs

Submitted By: workinggirl

My company just shortened the work week because of the gas prices. I now work one day a week from home, which is fine with me. Up until now, I've just had a pretty old Dell laptop, which is not going to be a good substitute for my PC at work. I need to buy a new PC, and I am totally confused about what all the features mean and how much to spend. I don't need graphics or do much gaming. It's mostly for Microsoft Office. What are some features I should be looking for?

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mp3rod 12/7/2008 3:01:26 AM

Modernly, if one needs a work station at home, here is what I advise. 1. Install wireless in the home. 2. Purchase a MAC laptop. In the long run, MACs will last longer and have fewer problems by far. 3. Use the MAC laptop in whatever location in your home that is the most comfortable. This could be the kitchen table, a favorite chair, in your patio, whatever. 4. Software: the inexpensive MS Office suite is fine. BUT, you can also use OpenOffice, available for free at OpenOffice.org, which emulates MS Office and is free (and legal.) 5. The transition from PC to MAC is easy, and MACs are very well designed and reliable. 6. Install Skype or Oovoo and save on telephone costs. These are free services that allow one to "call" others at no cost all over the world. You'll find this cutting your phone bill dramatically. Make it a habit to suggest to your coworkers that they install Skype. MAC ownership makes this a lot easier as the microphone and camera are both built in. Most people just use the microphone and do not use the camera for the obvious reason that they are at home, so they may not be wearing makeup or even clothing while working from home. 7. For a small fee, you can purchase a separate hard drive from MAC that will automatically back up your files wirelessly. Very helpful if you lose your laptop. 8. Any programs that you use at work that you need at home should be installed for you by your company's desk top support person. Just ask and they will usually be glad to do that for you.

bernardb 7/25/2008 11:34:32 AM

A really complete and professional reply. This is a really informative answer.

workinggirl 7/18/2008 9:31:17 PM

This was a complete answer. The choices out there are overwhelming. Who pays for the work station? A lot depends on whether your comapny does or you have to foot the bill!

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