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Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I'm being recruited by a consulting company that is doing work at my current company. Is it ethical to recruit from a current client? I know I need to look out for #1 but should I be worried about what might happen down the road?
Tags:  Competition, Recruiters, Non-compete, Vendor

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I always hear from women's business groups how women are supposed to stick together and support and encourage each other. That's not the case at my job. It is just the opposite. The women are the worst at gossiping about other women, go to a manager if a woman co-worker makes an error, and also take credit for the work of other women so that they can't get ahead. If I try to change what is happening, it makes it worse for me. I need some advice on what to do about really bad women at work.
Tags:  Women at work, Office politics

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I am going to get my graduate degree in June 09. The Career Center where I go to school offers a lot of help. One thing that I am freaking out about are these networking coffees and after work mixers they sponsor with hiring managers and recruiters. Not only am I weirded out about going up to a complete stranger and introducing myself, I also just freeze up when someone tries to just make "small talk" with me. Any suggestions for me?
Tags:  Looking for work, Networking

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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My company just shortened the work week because of the gas prices. I now work one day a week from home, which is fine with me. Up until now, I've just had a pretty old Dell laptop, which is not going to be a good substitute for my PC at work. I need to buy a new PC, and I am totally confused about what all the features mean and how much to spend. I don't need graphics or do much gaming. It's mostly for Microsoft Office. What are some features I should be looking for?
Tags:  Working at home, Work station, Computer specs

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I have a mid level clerical job at a bank, which is stable but offers not too much in the way of advancement. I have a B.A. in history and I was thinking of returning to school to get an MBA. Is it reasonable to ask the bank whether they would pay for me to pursue such a degree or would I be rocking the boat too much by asking/
Tags:  Management, Career strategies, Graduate degree

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I eat lunch in the cafeteria becuase I never have enough time to leave the building. I usually eat with the same group every day. Lately, the conversation is all about dishing the dirt on whoever they decide to have a group hate on - anyone is fair game. It is pretty intense and upsets me. I am in a hard place. If I stop having lunch with them, will I be their next target? At the same time, it is a really bad way to spend what little time I have to bet away from taking calls. Major stress
Tags:  Gossips

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I recently asked my boss if I could take up a volunteer opportunity with a respected charity. This would require me to be out of the office for 4 hours each of 4 Fridays this fall. As I'm in a sales seat, he commented that OTHERS may questions my absence's effect on my production. I assured him I have sufficient back-up. Then he went on to say that he thinks it's a great idea for me to get involved in the charity. But why did he leave me with this lingering concerns about OTHERS?
Tags:  Boss relationship, Volunteering

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I have a job that I don't hate. I don't love it either. I've spent so many years doing things that I don't hate, if somebody asked me what I love to do, I don't think I could tell them. I'm tired of this and want to wake up in the morning excited to go to work. How do I start?
Tags:  Career advice

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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My husband has been offered a transfer to another city, over 1800 miles away. I've just re-established myself in the workforce, and have a good job. I will be earning half the income we bring in. Tonight we had a huge fight and he told me that if I can't see how the move will help his career, he will relocate without me. The conversation was angry and is not over. I know it signals the end of our marriage. I feel like there has to be some kind of compromise, but I am talking to a stone.
Tags:  Career advice, Marriage problem

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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What can I do about a boss who sends too many emails to constantly check up on the status of things? I work for several different people and feel that I manage my time wisely. If she would stop sending emails to check up on things every 5 minutes, I could get my work done. Help!
Tags:  Communication Skills, Boss relationship, Communication style

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