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Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I'd love to get some feedback on a situation I've encountered at work. I have a boss who is jealous of my abilities. And since he can find no fault in my performance he's chosen to criticize my character with his boss, who just so happens to be a friend of mine and the one who hired me. I work for a christian organization which complicates things. I love what I do, but hate the box my boss put me in by keeping me in the dark and limiting my projects. Help?!
Tags:  Boss relationship, Job survival, Performance expectations

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I earn more than my husband - more than double. I have been paying the bills. Now, my husband wants control of the checkbook. How can I avoid confrontation and keep th epeace?
Tags:  Financial security, Work/Life issues

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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What can I do about a boss who sends too many emails to constantly check up on the status of things? I work for several different people and feel that I manage my time wisely. If she would stop sending emails to check up on things every 5 minutes, I could get my work done. Help!
Tags:  Communication Skills, Boss relationship, Communication style

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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uploads, downlaods, pdfs and url's, It's all Greek to me. Any suggestions on who to call for quick, in-office computer help when needed? Whenever I am at a loss, I want to holler for my computer savvy sons, but their time is limited and I need a reliable cyber-helper.
Tags:  Technology, Small business resources

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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My husband has been offered a transfer to another city, over 1800 miles away. I've just re-established myself in the workforce, and have a good job. I will be earning half the income we bring in. Tonight we had a huge fight and he told me that if I can't see how the move will help his career, he will relocate without me. The conversation was angry and is not over. I know it signals the end of our marriage. I feel like there has to be some kind of compromise, but I am talking to a stone.
Tags:  Career advice, Marriage problem

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I am assigned to work on a project with a co-worker. Whenever we meet, he does a lot of posing that he knows the answer to most everything when in fact I know he doesn't. I can't get him to listen to basic information without him trying to discredit put me down - especially in front of others on the team. When I try and confront him about what is going on, he becomes so angry that it scares me. What can I do?
Tags:  Conflict resolution

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I've recently returned to work after taking 5 years off to raise my son. The women in my department have been distant, and do not include me in the regular beat of what's going on. I've overheard a conversation about me - that I was a stay at home Mom, and they've been working for years to advance, and now I come in and think I can get a job that was supposed to go to one of the women in the group. I am at a loss - do I address the issue, or just try to be social and defrost the situation?
Tags:  Career strategies, Office behavior, Women at work, Returning to work

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I have a job that I don't hate. I don't love it either. I've spent so many years doing things that I don't hate, if somebody asked me what I love to do, I don't think I could tell them. I'm tired of this and want to wake up in the morning excited to go to work. How do I start?
Tags:  Career advice

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I am getting harassed by my boss. He is making very clear remarks to me about wanting to go out, and what he can do for my career if I were to go out with him for dinner. I can only imagine what he would try if I was to go out. I am his Executive Assistant and I need a job to cover bills. I am so stressed out that I have trouble sleeping, and I hate to go to work. I know he will fire me if I don't give in. What can I do?
Tags:  Boss relationship, Women at work, Sexual harassment

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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One of my co-workers is getting too close to me. She tries to hang with me all the time, and I keep receiving flowers and little gifts. She just says she is a generous person, but it is really too much. How can I tell her to stop and take a step back, without a problem? I have to work with her, and she sits in the same group as I do.
Tags:  Co-Workers

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