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Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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My company just shortened the work week because of the gas prices. I now work one day a week from home, which is fine with me. Up until now, I've just had a pretty old Dell laptop, which is not going to be a good substitute for my PC at work. I need to buy a new PC, and I am totally confused about what all the features mean and how much to spend. I don't need graphics or do much gaming. It's mostly for Microsoft Office. What are some features I should be looking for?
Tags:  Working at home, Work station, Computer specs

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I really need to gain flexibility in my work hours as I have small children at home who are growing and requiring more of my time at their school or other activities. I've worked worked in big corporate jobs for more than a decade, my entire career. I'm now considering a transition to a consulting job where I would establish my own company and work as a contractor to gain flexibility. What pitfalls should I be aware of? How do I reconcile the potential instability in my income?
Tags:  Working alone, Working at home, Women and work

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