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I eat lunch in the cafeteria becuase I never have enough time to leave the building. I usually eat with the same group every day. Lately, the conversation is all about dishing the dirt on whoever they decide to have a group hate on - anyone is fair game. It is pretty intense and upsets me. I am in a hard place. If I stop having lunch with them, will I be their next target? At the same time, it is a really bad way to spend what little time I have to bet away from taking calls. Major stress
Tags:  Gossips

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One of my co-workers is getting too close to me. She tries to hang with me all the time, and I keep receiving flowers and little gifts. She just says she is a generous person, but it is really too much. How can I tell her to stop and take a step back, without a problem? I have to work with her, and she sits in the same group as I do.
Tags:  Co-Workers

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I've recently returned to work after taking 5 years off to raise my son. The women in my department have been distant, and do not include me in the regular beat of what's going on. I've overheard a conversation about me - that I was a stay at home Mom, and they've been working for years to advance, and now I come in and think I can get a job that was supposed to go to one of the women in the group. I am at a loss - do I address the issue, or just try to be social and defrost the situation?
Tags:  Career strategies, Office behavior, Women at work, Returning to work

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I am assigned to work on a project with a co-worker. Whenever we meet, he does a lot of posing that he knows the answer to most everything when in fact I know he doesn't. I can't get him to listen to basic information without him trying to discredit put me down - especially in front of others on the team. When I try and confront him about what is going on, he becomes so angry that it scares me. What can I do?
Tags:  Conflict resolution

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