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Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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My company just acquired another one and there are massive layoffs going on. The people who are left are being expected to pick up the work that was assigned to the laid off staff. I am already working 60 hour weeks + I bring home work on the weekends. How can I tell my Boss that I can't take on more work without getting laid off myself?
Tags:  Management, Boss relationship

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I'm being recruited by a consulting company that is doing work at my current company. Is it ethical to recruit from a current client? I know I need to look out for #1 but should I be worried about what might happen down the road?
Tags:  Competition, Recruiters, Non-compete, Vendor

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I have been working for a new boss after my company was acquired. He gives me assignments, which I work hard to complete on time and without errors. The problem is that when I turn in the work, he sends it back, with comments that he didn't ask for the results in this way, wants another report, or whatever. Nothing I do is right, even though I follow instructions. I think he is trying to make me quit so he can bring in someone else. I can't afford to get fired, and I need some help.
Tags:  Coaching, Performance expectations

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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My mid-year performance review did not go so well - actually, it was quite poor. This is not the first time I've received a low rating over my three years at the firm. My manager said there are consistent themes that keep reoccuring. I feel I have been working very hard and do everything they ask of me, yet I'm unable to "crack the code" so to speak. Should I start looking for a new career or push harder for more supervision/support in my current role?
Tags:  Management, Performance reviews, Performance expectations

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I have always been a hard working, dedicated employee. Lately I am really overwhelmed and feel like the company is taking advantage of me. Our group seems to get more work assigned than other groups in the same department and for me, I'm working long days and weekends (up to 60 hours) and sometimes even a few hours at home on other "days off". While this is going on I see others reading the newspaper and doing their nails. How can I push back on this unfair situation witout being a "whiner"?
Tags:  Management, Co-Workers, Too much work

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I work on an IT team for a medium size manufacturer. One of the guys is pretty open about looking to leave. I have seen him take reports, and listened as he commented that what he's learning here will help him when he starts his own company, which he thinks will compete with this company, by having the same clients. All of us work hard to get data toegter and report to the company, and it is really pretty scarey that he is taking confidential data. Should I ignore what is happening?
Tags:  Ethics

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I work for a respected consultant. He is developing a web site based on his business. I am coordinating the project. Today, without any explanation from him, I started to get e-mails from various members of his family, giving me instructions on how to do some of the work. I am very uncomfortable with this, but don't want to lose the opportunity to work on this project. How should I approach it? What should I do if he pushes back?
Tags:  Consultants, Women and work

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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I eat lunch in the cafeteria becuase I never have enough time to leave the building. I usually eat with the same group every day. Lately, the conversation is all about dishing the dirt on whoever they decide to have a group hate on - anyone is fair game. It is pretty intense and upsets me. I am in a hard place. If I stop having lunch with them, will I be their next target? At the same time, it is a really bad way to spend what little time I have to bet away from taking calls. Major stress
Tags:  Gossips

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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A male coworker recently over stepped his directive by contacting one of my clients directly and not notifying me until after the fact. When I confronted him, he became anxious that I was actually angry with him when all I wanted to do was talk about how to handle the situation in the future. He went so far as to comment, "It's ok if you're mad. I like it when your'e angry - it's very sexy". My work environment is male dominated so I'm uncomfortable to speak up and do not want to involve HR.
Tags:  Conflict resolution, Sexual harassment

Employaid Expert Exchange QA
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One of my co-workers is getting too close to me. She tries to hang with me all the time, and I keep receiving flowers and little gifts. She just says she is a generous person, but it is really too much. How can I tell her to stop and take a step back, without a problem? I have to work with her, and she sits in the same group as I do.
Tags:  Co-Workers

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