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1 on 1 Coaching for Any Stage of a Career

If you’d like to take your career one step further, schedule a conversation with Barbara Poole, workforce and career pro, and CEO of Employaid. Barbara’s background as an HR executive, training developer, management consultant, and entrepreneur comes together to provide savvy insights on prospering in the New Economy. Barbara has been widely quoted in the news media, and is a frequent speaker on careers and success.

Consultations are conducted by phone. The one hour discussion can be based on any aspect of your career, from starting out right after college, to getting ahead at your present job, searching for a job, or becoming an entrepreneur.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail that contains a discussion planner that you’ll complete and return before the session, so that Barbara can be prepared for what you’d like to talk about. The e-mail will also have complete information on scheduling the date and time for the call.

One Hour Career Consult $299.00

Here’s the buzz on talking with Barbara….

“Barbara has been an invaluable resource for me throughout my career.”

“Working with Barbara Poole was an amazing experience. My staff continues to successfully utilize techniques specifically designed for our business model.”

“She is very high energy, extremely intelligent, creative in solving difficult problems by thinking both inside and outside the box; totally committed to getting the job done.”

“Barbara is an innovative, solution-oriented force-of-nature! Her excellent business recommendations are like gems, delivered with warmth, empathy, and integrity, culled from her extensive expertise and tempered with her impeccable judgment. To work with her is inspiring!”

“Barbara Poole is a dynamic and energetic entrepreneur who has been an influential mentor to me. I’ve been most impressed with her ability to effortlessly connect ideas across business sectors. Barbara’s energy for developing new business is contagious. I appreciate the way she tackles problems by reframing the issue and brainstorming new solutions. “

“Barbara’s marketing expertise helped me see the global picture as well as focusing in on the smallest detail of a phone sale”

“What always amazed me was her unique ability to quickly identify and clearly communicate strategic goals while planning and implementing the tactical components that lead to success. She is highly intelligent, creative and possesses a tireless, dynamic commitment to her work.”

One Hour Career Consult $299.00
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