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Barbara Poole
Founder & President
  Uncut observations on the working life.
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Portrait on money
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When you portray yourself by the zero's on your paycheck, do you win or lose?
Tags:  Financial security

Contest winner!
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A few comments.....led to a few bucks!

Escape from Corporate America
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Is your idea of a good time plotting your escape from your corporate job? Have you checked out although your cube is still occupied? Here is a resourceful book designed to make your fantasy become a reality
Tags:  Career advice, Career strategies, Small business, Leaving a job, Career success

Gift card winner
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He came. He saw. He commented. He won!

The Corporate Rockstar
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If you've ever wondered how a wannabe rockstar turned into a wildly successful Suit whose rants and raves about the business world are a can't miss read.....
Tags:  Public relations, Marketing, Bloggers

Enter to win an iPod Touch!
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Find out how you can win an iPod Touch and help your career at the same time…
Tags:  Promotions, Contest

Take time out  for what's important.
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Do you drift through your days constantly feeling that at any given moment, you aren't devoting enough time to your work or your home life? I beg to differ. Consider what is really important to you.
Tags:  Work & Life balance

Employee being bullied
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When you are being verbally and emotionally abused at work, it is serious business. You don't have to keep it secret, and you don't have to accept it. Read on to learn what constitues bullying, and what you can do about it.
Tags:  Office bully, Job stress

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When you arrive at work, do you hand control of your brain over to your employer for the rest of the day?

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