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Twenty Ways to Gain Visibility

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Tooting one's horn repeatedly may make others cringe; however, the only way for an employee to advance their career is to constantly remind others that they are around. This does not mean that every employee should dress up in a clown outfit and run around the office with a banner that touts how magnificent they are.

Self promotion is more subtle and involves developing visibility and an ability to communicate personal strengths and attributes through a series of behaviors and actions. So instead of shouting to the hilltops ""I'm great,"" an employee demonstrates this idea through the things that she does in the company.

That being said, here are twenty ways to become a relentless self-promoter.

  • A good self-promoter will call attention to himself by paying attention to others. Eventually the conversation will turn around and then it will be his turn to talk.
  • Create a good story with a hook. Here is where career-minded employees may want to use their 30-second elevator speech.
  • Network for ideas. Be willing to share, but also make sure to get something in return.
  • Savvy self-promoters treat people as they, themselves, would like to be treated. Be attentive, engaged and respectful.
  • Volunteer to take on individual projects and execute them on time and to perfection.
  • Participate on cross-functional teams then volunteer to be the one to give a presentation of the results to management or the executive team.
  • When possible, attend company events – sales meetings, quarterly meetings, holiday parties – and network.
  • Send congratulatory notes to others for their successes.
  • Actively participate in a professional association. Share with co-workers the information learned at a meeting or read in the monthly publication.
  • Develop good business relationships with people in other departments. The best self-promoters attend meetings in other departments to share information then take their experience back to their own team.
  • Ask questions to learn more about the business.
  • Be unforgettable for something positive – an award, the successful completion of a project, a great idea.
  • Write an article for the company newsletter.
  • Share customer ""thank you"" letters with management and have them placed in your personnel file.
  • Demonstrate leadership ability by training a new co-worker.
  • Thoroughly analyze and develop a plan of how to improve a current process or procedure and submit the idea to management.
  • Remember co-worker's special occasions by sending a card with a personalized message.
  • Keep those that need to know in the know. Prepare and submit a weekly update of key projects and their status.
  • The best self promoter promotes her boss. Making him look good in the eyes of others – especially his superiors -- reflects well on the team.
  • Create a mini-network by getting to know other employees, customers and vendors and developing and cultivating good business relationships.

Remember: the preparation is important, the execution is critical. Become a relentless self promoter through careful planning and timely execution.

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