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The Plus Side of Business Travel

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Sometimes the thought of going on a business trip sends shivers through many a frequent traveler's spine, and that's understandable. Being away from family, cookie-cutter hotel rooms, eating alone in unknown restaurants, and being strip-searched just to board your plane can make many a business traveler shake their head in wonder.


Ah, yes, but there is a plus side to business travel. Even though frequent business travel causes disruption in your daily routine and pulls you away from all that you love, if it is part of the job, then you might as well get use to it and learn to embrace what some consider the plus side of business travel.

Frequent flyer miles

There was a time when frequent flyer miles were all the rage because it provided a free source for additional travel. And let's be reasonable, if you have to travel anyway, shouldn't you at least get something out of the deal? Even if you don't use them to take a little vacation somewhere special, frequent flyer miles can still be redeemed for other perks such as upgrades (from business to first class) and on other airline goods and services.


If you would prefer to be altruistic, you can even donate your frequent flyer miles. Northwest Airlines offers a national marrow donor program called AirCares® which accepts donations of Northwest Airlines frequent flyer miles in 1,000 mile increments (5,000 mile minimum) to be used to fly unrelated marrow and cord blood transplant recipients and their caregivers to transplant centers free of charge.  

Down time for self

One of the best reasons to travel on business is to have time to be alone so you can recharge from a hectic lifestyle. Consider how luxurious it can be to have no light bulbs to replace, meals to cook, or sheets to change.  Depending on your schedule, you may even be able to take in a sight or two.

Opportunity to visit other locations

If you work in an organization with multiple locations throughout the world, business travel may be one of the greatest ways to not only visit cities and countries you have never seen before, but to meet people in your organization that you have only spoken to by phone.


Away from office to get more work done


According to a survey conducted by American Express Business Travel, 78 percent of participants said they like traveling on business because it breaks up boredom and 60 percent of business travelers who participated in a survey conducted by the National Business Travel Association said they enjoy it.


In fact, one of the biggest pluses cited for business travel is the fact that those who do travel feel they can accomplish a lot more in the three hours spent on a plane than in the eight hours spent at the office mainly because there are no interruptions.


See more of the operation


Depending on your career goals and your current role within the organization, business travel can afford you the opportunity to see more of the company's operations thereby gaining a greater understanding of the business. This in turn may provide you not only with growth within your own company, but may get you the kind of exposure that is sought after in another organization.


So whether or not you currently travel on business, know that even though it may create upheaval in your daily life, there are some pluses to business travel.

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