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Six Reasons to Get Your MBA

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The decision to pursue a MBA (or any master degree program) can be a difficult one to make for a few reasons.
First, there is the time and money you'll need to commit. If you've just completed your four-year degree, the loans you may have incurred and the time your have already committed may make your think twice about starting a new course of study. However, many would say now is the best time since you're already in a scholastic frame of mind.
Second, there is the decision as to which school you should attend. Many times students will choose to continue on at the same institution of higher learning. This can make it easier to pursue a MBA immediately. However, if you have been out of college for a while and are now considering a return to school, selecting the best program to fit into you current life style will greatly influence how and where you attend.
Finally, there is the need to determine whether or not it makes sense to take this action at this point in your career. And that's where reviewing these six reasons on why now is the time to pursue your MBA comes in.
Money, money, money, money. Salaries earned by graduates of MBA programs are on the rise. According to a 2002 survey by Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) the typical MBA graduate expects to see about a 50% increase in the salary of their first job after graduation.
Gain expertise. If your undergraduate degree was in your favorite subject, say psychology or engineering, adding a MBA to the mix can provide you with an expertise you may not have already gained. The blending of these two fields of study strengthens your educational background.
Expanded network. Getting a MBA allows you to mix and mingle with a wide variety of like-minded professionals who you can now include as business contacts. Not only can you access these individuals for questions and assistance in your current role, but they may be able to provide leads on new opportunities in the future.
Management potential. Regardless of your chosen career, a MBA can provide you with the education and leverage that you need to make that move into a management position. A MBA allows you to hone your skills, interact with other graduate-level individuals, and take courses of study directly applicable to your work environment.
Personal development. The satisfaction of knowing you have achieved a level of education that not everyone pursues can be a personally rewarding experience. In fact, with the rapid changes in the business world you may find yourself pursuing an exciting career in a newly emerging field such as sustainability, e-commerce, or mobile telecommunications – to name a few.
Accomplishment.  Bragging rights.Having a MBA is a badge of honor showing your dedication to yourself and a commitment to strive for a higher level of skill and learning.
Whatever reason you decide to get your MBA, know that it can expand your horizons and open your mind. 

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