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Five Steps for Managing Your Out of Control Temper

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""Grant me the serenity to know the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."" – The Serenity Prayer


Sometimes anger gets the best of all of us. And it is in those moments that we really need to reign in our frustrations.


Nothing will always be perfect. A coworker may get under your skin, a project may hit a wall, or a piece of equipment may decide to give out at the least opportune time. Yelling, screaming, and throwing a hissy fit is not the answer nor is it professional. Plus it can do a lot of damage to your career advancement.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, control your temper before it controls you. Here are five steps that you can take.


#1: Maintain physical health to maintain mental health


Okay, it's easier said than done, but do not allow yourself to become stressed over your job (see De-stress Yourself: Ways to Relax Before You Explode).If you are feeling overly tired, pressured to meet deadlines or goals, or just generally dissatisfied with your job, you are a prime candidate for erupting in anger at the most inappropriate time. If you feel yourself becoming angry at work, take a walk – better yet a run – to rid yourself of the emotion.


#2: Identify the source of your anger


Sometimes you can become annoyed at one thing, when in reality it is something else entirely that has you mad. The only way to work through the anger is to find its source. Make a list of the issues that are bothering you then brainstorm solutions. From this you will see what is and is not within your control or sphere of influence.


#3: Visualize more appropriate behavior


Your boss has pissed you off and you're ready to run him over with your car. Wrong reaction! Understand the consequences by visually going through each scenario and seeing how losing your temper will only damage your reputation not build your career. Then rethink a more appropriate way of handling each situation.


#4: Get away from the annoying situation


Why become aggravated by placing yourself in a situation that is going to make you mad. Instead, just walk away. If there is a coworker who you are unable to tolerate, avoid them. If a situation is getting on your last nerve, close your door or get out of the office for a breath of fresh air. If you find your mind continually returns to whatever is causing you anger, listen to music or find something else to distract you.

#5: Have a friend in your corner

There's nothing better than to rant and rave in a safe environment with a friend or family member. Have a trusted person you can talk to and work out your issues with them. Tell them what you are thinking and let them help you work through your anger. And then be there for them when they need your support.


The best course of action is to have an action plan, so you can take the appropriate steps to manage your out of control temper.

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