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Five Reasons to Get Your College Degree

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Deciding to forego college after graduation from high school can have some people shaking their heads in wonder. However, not immediately pursuing a four-year degree is not always the wrong choice.


Giving yourself time after high school to explore other avenues such as different careers or travel gives you time to think about your future before you select a course of study. Otherwise you may pursue a degree program that ultimately does not match up with your career plans.


In addition, by gaining real world experience through travel or work experience you broaden the knowledge that you gain about the world and that you can then apply to your field of study.


However, at some point in your career you may wonder if it's time to get a college degree. Knowing whether or not it is the right time depends on where you are in your life and your current career goals.


Here are five reasons you might want to consider returning to college for your four-year degree:


Money. According to recent information college graduates are expected to earn nearly $1 million more over their lifetime than high school graduates. The U.S. Census Bureau says that on average, someone with a bachelor's degree earns $50,900 or roughly 62 percent more than the $31,500 earned annually by someone with only a high school diploma. And while money is not (and shouldn't be) everyone's single motivation for working, knowing that by increasing your personal knowledge you can increase your personal wealth could be a reason to return to school. Another tidbit of information related to earnings is that college graduates tend to have higher rates of personal savings.


Competition. Over the last few decades, as workdemographics have increased in diversity, the number of employees with higher education has been on the rise. This means that given two candidates with the same level and type of experience employers are more likely to hire the one who also comes with the college diploma. So if you don't have a four-year degree, your competition may be a bit tougher. In addition, figures indicate that unemployment is eight percent lower for college graduates than for high school graduates.


Advancement.  Depending on your chosen field you may need a degree to get ahead. Teachers, physicians, engineers, scientists, certified accountants, and many other vocations require that you have a college degree. In addition, gaining valuable classroom training to supplement what you learn on the job is a great way to further and advance your career.


Career change. If you are contemplating changing your career, you may need to go to college. Moving from one field to another can sometimes be difficult; however, returning to school to get further education can be the boost you need. In fact, by taking classes in a field of study you think you might have interest in can give you a feel for whether or not this is where you want to direct your career.


Because. Why not? In many instances the best reason to go to school is because it doesn't hurt not to, all your friends have a degree, you've got free time on your hands and if you don't do it now before you settle down and start your family, you probably will never have another opportunity.


Whatever your motivation or career goals, you'll probably be able to find a good reason to get your four-year college degree.

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