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Finding a Job for Your Social Science Degree

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Got a degree in Geography or Latin American Studies? Did you graduate with a Bachelor's in History or Sociology and are not sure which direction to take in your career? You have so many options before you with a social science degree. Here are just a few ideas.


Most any college degree can translate into the field of business; however, psychology, sociology and social science degrees are particularly helpful because of the human relations aspect. In particular, jobs in human resources, customer service, hospitality or other areas that require well-developed people skills.

For history or ethnic-related (i.e. Chicano, Pan-African) or international studies, business careers that incorporate diverse knowledge such as jobs in a museum, international business, and the travel industry may be what you're looking for. Or become a historian.

Community Service

Use a Latin American studies, Pan-African studies or history degree to educate others at a national park or cultural center. Or put your social science, psychology or sociology degree to work with the jobs related to human services working with the mentally ill, the under-privileged, at-risk youth, homeless, aged or otherwise infirmed in our society.


Education is always a good choice after college. Get your teaching certificate or higher education so you can teach at the elementary, secondary, post secondary or graduate level. Or if you degree is in a social services-related field, you might consider opportunities to become a school counselor or advisor.


Social and urban geography can lay the foundation for a career in city planning, community development and urban analysis. Political science is a natural for jobs in policy planning, research, or law enforcement.  Or you might want to go for a career as a lobbyist, in the Foreign Service or choose to work for the national archives.

Latin American, Pan-African or other international studies can provide you a background suitable for government jobs that liaison with or work in foreign countries. You may want to consider jobs in the FBI or CIA.


If you love to write, your background in any of these topics may give you a jumping-off place from which to practice your passion. Any degree when paired with a journalism degree will give you an edge if your passion is writing.

Get a concurrent degree in journalism and Latin American studies in order to specialize in reporting on a region of Latin America or the Caribbean, U.S.-Latin American relations, or Latino communities within the United States. Or turn your education into travel writing and photography.


Okay, everyone knows that a political science degree is a stepping stone toward law school. Naturally, if once you choose a political science undergraduate degree and top it off with a JD the expectation is that you will gravitate toward politics. So if being the next President of the United States or even if you just want to serve on your local school board, this is a great way to start.

Social science related degrees are good for laying the foundation for careers in law, too. Positions in criminal justice, corrections or child welfare are a few you might consider.

The whole idea is that your education can open a bounty of doors for you and offer opportunities to pursue whatever you want. The hardest part will be choosing just one career.


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