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Finding a Job for Your Kinesiology Degree

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It might seem that applying your kinesiology degree to a career is pretty straight-forward. However, while there are the usual jobs in exercise and healthcare, you may find that your degree lends itself to other areas as well. Here are just a few of the positions that you might want to investigate as you decide the future of your career.


With Michael's graduate degree in kinesiology and his prior internships and sales experience, he was able to move into a position as a product manager for a nuclear medicine company. Working on their cardiac product line, he helped develop new methods of delivery as well as marketing materials to introduce new products.

But if marketing doesn't peak your interest, another obvious business choice is to move into pharmaceutical or sport drink and food sales. Any healthcare-related degree is a definite plus for these career choices. Or consider hooking up with a sports team to get into publicity or public relations.

Ever considered a career as a designer? Using your kinesiology education to design exercise and fitness equipment might be another option. And if you enjoy working closely with your coworkers, you might want to consider a career in human resources as the Wellness Program Administrator.


Of course, it stands to reason that anyone with a kinesiology degree can earn further education and a teaching certificate and enter the world of academics. However, you could also be a sports coach, intramural sports director, or a strength and conditioning coach for the school system or in private practice.


You may be thinking that you want to take your degree directly to the local spa or health club; however, working at a hospital or medical center can be equally rewarding.

Cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation, research associate, dietitian/nutritionist, and physical or occupational therapist are some of the opportunities that you might find in your area. And depending on the organization you choose, you might also consider a role in the field of recreation, such as an activity director at an adult daycare center or leisure/recreation manager for the YMCA/YWCA.

Sports/Physical Fitness

Well, the obvious choice for those of you who are into sports is to pursue a career in sports medicine. Of course that does require you to continue on with your education to obtain your medical degree, but maybe that is what you were planning all along.

Or maybe your preference is to become an athletic trainer. In that case you'll want to check out the National Athletic Trainers' Association. You might also want to look at the undergrad program in athletic training at the University of Las Vegas and then go on and get your graduate degree in kinesiology.

There are a lot of other career opportunities in sports and physical fitness such as fitness instructor, fitness manager, personal trainer, health club director, and cardiac exercise specialist, just to name a few.

But whatever you decide to do with you kinesiology degree, it offers you lots of options. And if you combine it with a complimentary graduate degree or medical degree, you are bound to find the career of your dreams.

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